The RVS-24AV is a semi-automatic filling machine. With this unit it is very easy to fill jars, bottles etc. with powder or granules. The operation is extremely simple; plug & play!



The quantity to be dosed can be entered very easily in the control panel. The RVS-24AV is ready for use within a few seconds. The RVS-24AV is equipped with a dosing unit that doses the product (powder or granules) by means of a small auger. The medium to be filled (eg pot or bottle) is placed on the weighing platform. It is tarred automatically and then the medium is filled with the set amount of product. The weighing platform is adjustable in height for different filling heights and weighs with an accuracy of 0.1 gram. The entire unit is made of stainless steel and other solid materials. The RVS-24AV can optionally be made customer and product specific. For example with a dosing unit with a different volume, or with a 380V motor.

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