The RVS-24L is a volumetric dispenser for the dosing of powders and granules. The unique, innovative design ensures that dry products are dosed accurately and reliably. The storage container contains a continuously rotating impeller, ensuring the product is stirred continuously which prevents the bridging of powder. This, together with the excellent screw feeder, guarantees continuous and homogeneous dosing. Even with products that flow poorly.




The RVS-24L is manufactured from RVS-304 and other high-quality materials. All rotating parts are provided with bearings and sealed. This, together with its solid construction, ensures the RVS-24L is virtually maintenance free.

There are several possibilities for controlling and dosing the RVS-24L, including:

  • Controlling the dosage stepless
  • Batch dosing based on time or pulses
  • Batch dosing based on weighing systems

Additionally, the RVS-24L can be adjusted to your specific needs, such as:

  • Motors for other dosing volumes
  • Top trays for a higher storage volume
  • Drain-sensor
  • Extended screw feeder and metering tube.

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