GMD-175Plus doseermachineGMD-175Plus doseermachine

The GMD-175PLUS is a volumetric doser for dosing powders and granules. The spiral doses upwards, the dosing angle can be adjusted between 0 and 45 degrees. Its powerful motor and solid construction allow the GMD-175PLUS to dose several metres high. The continuously moving iron ball in the storage container prevents bridging.


There are several possibilities for controlling and dosing of the GMD-175Plus volumetric doser, including:

  • Controlling the dosage stepless
  • Batch dosing based on time or pulses
  • Batch dosing based on weighing systems

Additionally, the GMD-175Plus can be adjusted to your specific needs, such as:

  • Motors for other dosing volumes
  • Top trays for a higher storage volume
  • Drain-sensor
  • Extended screw feeder and metering tube.

Additional information

Dosing range


Size (LxWxH)

Length of upward auger

300 cm. (longer on request)

Dosing angle